Patrick Heron – October IV

Patrick Heron
October IV
Gouache on paper
59 x 80 cm (23.25 x 31.5 inches)


 Private Collection




The combined fluidity and chromatic density of gouache allowed Heron to develop a new form of expression. As the artist observed himself, ‘It is in this interaction between differing colours that our full awareness of any of them lies. So the meeting lines between areas of colour are utterly crucial to our apprehension of the actual hue of those areas: the linear character of these frontiers cannot avoid changing our sensation of the colour in those areas…The line changes the colour of the colours on either side of it.’

(Patrick Heron, ‘Colour in my painting: 1969’, Studio International, December 1969 cited in Vivien Knight (ed.), Patrick Heron, John Taylor Book Ventures in association with Lund Humphries, London, 1988, p.34.)