Large Dog (1986), Bronze, Edition 1 of 6, H90.2 x W119.4cm

Our first gallery was in St Ives, the Wills Lane, which we opened in the early seventies with a classic ‘St Ives’ exhibition. The contributing artists included all that would become subsequently even more famous as pioneers in British abstraction; Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, to name but a few.

Since then, we have become involved in younger generations of some of the artists. Terry Frost’s son Anthony and his grandson Luke; Peter Lanyon’s son Andrew are still represented by Beaux Arts, London.

At the time we were the only commercial gallery in St Ives selling work by artists living in the vicinity and collectors came from Britain, US, and Europe. Sometimes we would organise a visit to an artist’s studio, a very special experience for all involved.

In 1981 we opened Beaux Arts in Bath, once again our first show was ‘St Ives Revisited’. By now the prices on the artists we had been showing had increased substantially. We were freer in Bath to extend our range and we became closely associated with sculptors such as Elisabeth Frink and Lynn Chadwick, artists such as John Hoyland and John Bellany all of whom stayed with us during their lives and took great pleasure helping us to assist their careers to flourish.

Since our early days in the gallery business, we have the privilege and pleasure of visiting and working personally with of our artists. Our first collaboration was in Bath with the famous art critic Peter Fuller (editor of Modern Painters) He was the inspiration behind our first ‘Critic’s Choice’ exhibition.

Soon after, artist Paula Rego introduced us to, artist Jonathan Leaman who paints extraordinary intense figurative canvases. He replied, ‘my first show will have to be in London.’ So, in the late 1980’s we opened in Cork street.

By the time we were settled into Cork Street, London, we were teaming up artists with writers. Jeanette Winterstone and Marilene Oliver; Ian McEwen and Donna McLean; Jermaine Greer and Elisabeth Frink, Richard Morphett and Jonathan Leaman, Jake Auerbach and Ray Richardson, to name but a few.

Beaux Arts is by no means resting on its laurels and with the help of Chantal Raper, who joined us 10 years ago and now a director, we are still actively searching out new artists to add to the stable.

Since May 2021, we have been operating from our home in Kew close to Kew Gardens. Clients are now visiting, by appointment, and an exciting schedule of exhibitions is carrying on.

We continue to feel hugely privileged and grateful to our longstanding clients who have supported us and given us their friendship and feedback over so many years.