Terry Frost – Blue Collage

Terry Frost
Blue Collage
Oil and Collage on canvas
25 x 30 inches (63.5 x 76.2 cm)

Price: £25,000



Direct from the Artist. Beaux Arts London



FOUR GIANTS OF BRITISH MODERNISM 19 September – 19 October 2019 Beaux Arts London


‘He liked to observe the behaviour of colours in differing lights. ‘If you can keep that structural control of the colours as the light changes in the evening, the painting alters completely. It’s wonderful how they move about.’ One of his daily pleasures was watching the disc of the sun coming up over Mount’s Bay from his house on the hill above Newlyn. Another was watching the colours slowly disappear in his garden at dusk.   Which, he asked me, is the last to fade? Answer: blue.

It’s a simple question, which I’d never thought to consider. Once you know the answer, you never forget it. Terry Frost’s art can be rather like that, too.’

Martin Gayford