Terry Frost – Moon Quay

Terry Frost
Moon Quay
Pencil, oil, gouache, collage on board
54 x 152.5cm (21.26 x 60 inches)

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Peter Nahum. Private Collection, UK


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On Adrian Heath’s recommendation, Frost moved to St Ives, where he met and was influenced by leading figures such as Ben Nicholson and in particular Peter Lanyon who were developing landscape-inspired abstraction.

Lanyon’s physical involvement in the landscape was to be a key influence on Frost’s work: “Peter would drive me all over the place… he taught me to experience landscape… so that you knew what was above and below you, and what was above and below the forms you were going to draw.”

Moon Quay belongs to a body of works which marked a fundamental shift in Frost’s artistic production and established Frost as a major figure in Post-War British abstraction. Following on from Frost’s first mature abstract painting Madrigal, this series can be seen as the first fully resolved statement of the approach to painting that Frost would adhere to for the rest of his career.