Patrick Heron – Five in Scribbled Violet

Patrick Heron
Five in Scribbled Violet
Oil on canvas
30 x 40 inches (76 x 101 cm)

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Heron’s paintings of the mid 1960s and early 1970s are probably his most instantly recognisable works, the ‘wobbly hard-edge’ manner he had perfected allowing him to fully experiment with space and colour, the twin concepts that had occupied him since the earliest part of his career.

The paintings he produced in this period are mostly of substantial size and were produced in a very specific way, with the forms drawn in very quickly and spontaneously onto the prepared canvas, often in a matter of seconds, and then each area of pure unmixed colour painted in with small soft brushes. Each colour had to be painted in a single session to ensure that the colours remained uniform, and each is just a single layer of paint with no overlapping. Heron’s intention was that the viewer would thus be presented with pure colours in juxtaposition, the forms and their boundaries affecting the perceived spatial relationships.