Terry Frost – Olives of Aphrodite

Terry Frost
Olives of Aphrodite
Acrylic and Collage on Canvas
142.25 x 137 cm (56 x 54 inches)




Direct from the estate.




Terry Frost went to Cyprus to teach at Art School and talks about his time and a new way of seeing and how this was important to him and in his paintings such as Olives of Aphrodite:

“Before taking on a teaching job in Cyprus, I had only been to Greece as a prisoner of war, which didn’t give me any opportunity to see anything. So Cyprus was a real eye opener to a way of life which I didn’t know existed. I didn’t know that people really loved poetry and painting as a thing which belonged to them, rather than as it’s become here, a bloody greed, auction house property, whereas there it still belongs to the people… Poetry, everybody writes it, and Aphrodite does exist, and the Moon and Sun are gods to be worshipped, not evilly but to be loved…’

‘If we are dealing with black olives, we are not thinking of colour theory at all – it is to do with the event… An idea of olives which carries for the whole experience of life and friends in Cyprus… Of black olives, of suns and moons to strange smells, new country, the dance, everything is mixed up in this.