Simon Allen


New Works for 2020

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1967 Born Jan 15 in Bristol 1986-88 BA Fine Art, Falmouth School of Art


2017 Paul Mount and St Ives Beaux Arts, London BADA Art Fair, 2017 2016 Summer Show Beaux Arts, London 2015 Summer Show Beaux Arts, London 2014 Beaux Arts, Bath Beaux Arts, London Fresh Start Summertime Lapada Art Fair Simon Allen ‘Silence of the Skies’ & Luke Frost ‘Colour Volts’ 2013 Beaux Arts, Bath Summer 2013: 20 years in Cork Street Beaux Arts, London   2012 Postcards from A Small Island, Beaux Arts Bath Artlondon, Islington 2011 Solo exhibition, Millennium Gallery, St Ives 2010 Beaux Arts Bath Full Circle Art Consultancy 2009 London Art Chelsea Beaux Arts, London Solo Show, Millennium Gallery, St. Ives Artlondon, Goldfish Gallery, Islington Depth of Vision, Coutts, Full Circle Art Consultancy   2008 Opening Winter Show, Millennium Gallery St.Ives Mixed exhibition of drawings by NSA artists selected by The Drawing Gallery, Newly Art gallery Bt Exchange LondonArt, Chelsea, Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath 20/21 British Art Fair Royal College of Art, with Beaux Arts Gallery Bath Mixed Easter show Goldfish Fine Art Mixed Winter Show, Goldfish Gallery Solo show Beaux Arts gallery, Bath 10 March – 6 April Artlondon, Islington, Goldfish fine Art, Beaux Arts Bath 2007 Solo show, Goldfish Fine Art Art London, Islington Goldfish Fine Art Form Art Fair, Olympia, Goldfish Fine Art Accenture Exhibition, Accenture Offices, London, Tempest Radford Art Consultants Art Cornwall, Goldfish Fine Art, Penzance Artists of Fame and Promise, Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath LondonArt, Chelsea, Beaux Art Bath Gallery Move, Vyner Street, London, Goldfish Fine Art 2006 Solo show, Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath Artlondon, Islington, Goldfish Fine Art Exhibition, Beaux Art Gallery, Bath 2005 Solo show, Goldfish Fine Art, Penzance Art London, Islington, Goldfish Fine Art NSA mixed exhibition, Thompson’s Gallery, London NSA Norbert Lynton Critic’s choice, Lemon St Gallery, Truro NSA new members, Newlyn Art Gallery Lynne Stover Gallery, Cambridge 2004 Solo show, National Maritime Museum, Falmouth Solo show, Galerie Pelar, Long Island, NY Messums, Cork St, Art London, Islington Goldfish mixed exhibition NSA Christmas show, Newlyn Art Gallery 2003 Messums, Cork St, various London Art Fairs 2002 Messums, Cork St, London Galerie Pelar, Long Island, NY 2001 Transitions 2, Newlyn Art Gallery

Corporate Collections

  • The World Gold Council
  • The British Embassy, Madrid
  • BC Partners, London
  • Schroders, London
  • Coutts & Co
  • Royal Bank of Scotland & Coutts & Co
  • Sovereign Capital, London
  • Dryland
  • The Connaught Hotel, London, Oliver Laws Interior Design.
  • The Corinthia Hotel, London
  • The Ritz- Carlton, Hong Kong
  • The Forbury Hotel, Reading
  • Les Ambassaddeurs Casino, London
  • The St. Regis, Atlanta, USA
  • The Hell Bay Hotel, Isles of Scilly
  • Kelly Hoppen, Interior Designer
  • Taylor Howes, Interior Design
  • Salperton 3 (luxury Yacht) – designer Adam Lay
  • The Eclipse (Super Yacht) – owned by Abramovich   –
  • Designer Terence Disdale
  • Lady Sheila (Superyacht) – designer Bannenberg & Rowell
  • Elandess    (Superyacht) – designer Bannenberg & Rowell
  • Princess Firyal of Jordan
  • Lloyd Dorfmann, Travelex, boardroom and Private Yacht
From Earth and Air by Simon Allen, 2016

From Earth and Air   Wildness is an elusive force, found in the spaces between things, in emptiness, in the wind, or in the energy of a wave. It is chaotic and undefinable, its presence is felt intuitively, rather than being able to be grasped or seen like a tangible object. In this wild force there is a freedom and a beauty. Simultaneously it makes me aware of the forces which shape the natural world, while at the same time I am completely at one with them, of actually being part of the natural force. To quote Jackson Pollock, “I am nature”.   ‘From earth and air ‘ is a series of sculptures in which I am developing the idea of wildness and the invisible forces that connect the land and sky . Shafts of sunlight , showers of rain , gusts of wind and thermals of air are all evoked by a carved surface that is gestural and energetic . By carving against the grain of the wood I am able to create a splintered and chaotic surface that embodies the raw energies of natural phenomena .   The recent works titled ,‘Illuminations’ are an exploration of the language of mark making. I am concerned with the line, as a physical record of our body’s capacity for movement and gesture, and it’s ability to embody and express energy, such as speed, torque, compression and flow. In this respect these pieces are a development of some of the ideas I have been working on in the series ‘Shadow Forms’ . Initially inspired by observing the shallow water of a stream, as the sunlight hits the surface of the water and the light is refracted, with the resulting lines on the bed of the stream being a myriad of shadow forms and illuminations. In these traces of the eddies and whorls of the current I see a physicality, similar to the movements of the body, and in particular a parallel with the choreography of contemporary dance.   The carving process is in itself a trace of movement and energy, although to make a line, or gesture everything that is not the line or gesture must be removed. In this sense the work is a record of negative space as much as it is a real and present form. I am seeking a sense of balance between a transitory  mutable experience of the reflective surface and the physicality of the object, a space where shadows have the same visual weight as solid form.   My use of the circle is significant. I find inspiration in its association with wholeness and as a metaphor for completeness, an eternal shape without beginning or end. I also see the circle as having a lens like quality. It is a space where lines and forms converge, a shape from which the arc of a line can reach out and beyond the edge of the sculpture and exist as an implied energy, extending across the wall and beyond. Sometimes the trajectory of the line will mean that it loops back on itself to re-enter the orbit of the sculpture at a different point.   In the wild landscape I find an energy and a sense of connection, giving form to this  energy is at the core of my work. Whether this is in the tangible movement of water, or the invisible forces such as the wind ,that shape the land. For me these experiences have a universal resonance, they exist in an eternal space where the elements and the land speak enduring truths .   Simon Allen   2016

Simon Allen ‘Silence of the Skies’ & Luke Frost ‘Colour Volts’, 2014