Marilène Oliver – I know you inside out

I Know You Inside Out,
Silver Ink on Acrylic,
Edition of 6, 2 Artist’s Copies,
70 x 50 x 200 cm

I Know You Inside Out (2001), Silver Ink on Acrylic, Edition of 6, 2 Artist's Copies, 70 x 50 x 200cm


Direct from the artist


Catalogue to accompany Solo Exhibition Intimate Distances September 2003


September 2003 Intimate Distances Beaux Arts London


Marilène Oliver initially caught public attention with her installation: I know you inside out.  Fascinated by the possibility of downloading a man from the Internet she created an intriguing installation from multi transverse sections of a body laid onto multiple layers of acrylic.  The effect is a life size 3D shadow hovering, trapped and immortalised.

Oliver’s installation created a stir when it was announced that the model had given his body for medical research before being executed in the USA.

Oliver has continued to address new digital media in relation to the human body, particularly medical imaging and communications technologies.  Her aim is to provoke an enquiry into human interaction that is increasingly being mediated by digital media and to find new ways to sustain intimacy in a disembodied environment.